“Life can be seen as an embroidery we see from the right side in the beggining, and on the backside by the end. The backside is not as pretty as the right one but it is more enlightening, because it allows us to understand how stiches are made.” 

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Our Process


With the drawing of a certain pattern or element created, this design is prepared for the embroidery process. The film opening, called punching, is the first step for the embroidery construction, where rapports are defined (repetition module) and the several stitches are applied to compose the embroidery.


The punched design is introduced in the machine, where is made an optimization first and then the embroidery itself. It’s still necessary to prepare the background/canvas to be embroidered. As the design is embroidered the defects and irregularities are marked to be corrected after the total embroidery process.


After the embroidery process it is necessary to correct all the irregularities marked previously on the canvas embroidered. This process is made by reembroiderers that make the reconstruction of the defects, correcting the total fabric. Still in this phase is made the snip of trims and package.

Why work with us?

Technology, innovation and Design

Embroidery machines with the latest technology by SAURER, with large production capacity and fast response. Possibility of embroider in any textile backgrounds/canvas, with several types and colors of yarns.
Majority of production in made in 100% cotton.
We are always updating innovative and mixed techniques for embroider, such us the use of hydrosoluble canvas and national production of high quality guipur.
Our company maintains a dynamic relationship with several suppliers that allow us developments in new backgrounds/canvas for embroidery on, increasing a solid and advantageous partnership.
With 30 years of experience within the embroidery sector, our company has assumed a commitment of constant improvements, including the Oeko-Tex certification, to ensure quality and sustainability of all production process.

Assured quality

ANTT supplies luxury brands and high-end and premium fashion  market as well, offering the best quality of embroidery with the seal “MADE IN PORTUGAL” according to our customers’ necessities and requirements. 

We work with a policy of pattern development, close to our customersand a personal customer care , providing the best quality and excellence. 

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